The Coaching Promise
“I will support and challenge you in equal measure with the aim of bringing your best self to every relationship, discussion and situation thereby enabling an optimal experience. I will also be equally responsive to your needs”
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The Journey| Founder & Director

The Journey

I attended a leadership program a few years ago for senior leaders and the course facilitator commenced the program by asking each participant to choose one ‘super power’ if they were ever given a wish and to state why. There were many interesting powers wished that day including – mind reading, teleportation, Invisibility, Time travel, Immortality, Mind control, Flying, Predicting the future, Telepathy and so on. I chose ‘healing’ and it came to me intuitively and was the first thing that came to mind and it was for a purpose larger than myself.

Why? Well I suppose it was because I was in that realm of space and time when I had just emerged from a fatal car accident where I was the only survivor. My life had just flashed by me and in the midst of this traumatic ordeal, I experienced some extraordinarily rich epiphanies. I did some deep reflection when I was confined to my home for a period of six months as a result. I desperately wanted to ‘give back’ and have a meaningful purpose before it was too late and was grateful for the ‘second chance’.

So, I suppose ‘healing’ was a super power that fit in nicely with my then state of being. Healing makes a person whole in mind, body and spirit. It leaves the world a better place. It is a deeply nurturing and peaceful experience and everyone involved benefits. It is not so much about fixing yourself but it is about letting go and releasing the blocks of energy in your physical, emotional and mental being. This is where the overlap between healing and coaching come into play.

It was at this point that my coaching journey began. I got certified from International Coaching Academy (ICA) and the International Coaching Foundation (ICF) and there was no looking back. I had re-invented myself after 30 years in the corporate world. I now help people in the corporate space see their world with a different lens and get very energized, excited and happy when I am a ‘giver’ and help and make a difference in people’s lives and see the results. The best moments in our lives usually occur when a person is stretched to their limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile… a challenge to expand ourselves!

Every person in the world needs a coach to keep their objectivity and to bring their best selves to every situation. Yes – Everyone indeed! A coach is a mentor, a friend or a thinking partner who listens to you and asks powerful questions in a trusting space without passing judgement with the objective of you achieving results against stated goals and outcomes. He/She makes you accountable and helps you have clarity of where you want to go without having a victim mind-set.

The Name

‘Janaa’ in Sanskrit means harvesting and ‘Praana’ means Energy. The intent is to be able to harvest ones energy on a daily basis so that one’s energy is utilized to the maximum with the least effort. The secret to energy optimization is to identify the sources of your energy and fill your tank with it and then to also know what drains you of your energy and plug the leaks. You can also harness your energy by keeping your mind calm and not getting worked up about anything and to be in the moment. Coaching by harnessing your energy to be in the zone and in the flow at all times.