The Coaching Promise
“I will support and challenge you in equal measure with the aim of bringing your best self to every relationship, discussion and situation thereby enabling an optimal experience. I will also be equally responsive to your needs”
Your Thinking Partners

Leadership is about harnessing human energy for the purpose of creating a better future

Janaa Praana leadership and executive coaching will help you navigate the leadership space and challenges by giving you optimal experiences

Do you have many mountains to climb or new horizons to explore? Have you really stretched yourself? Have you found your life with purpose? Are you values guiding your behavior?

No man is an island. Everyone needs a coach, no matter who you are. Coaching is a deeply nurturing and rewarding experience everyone involved in the process benefits. It is not so much about fixing yourself but letting go

The best moments in our lives usually occur when a person is stretched to their limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something worthwhile - a challenge to expand ourselves and grow

Janaa Praana is a platform designed to support and inspire leaders regardless of experience or background. We coach individuals to successfully navigate life and serve to strengthen their will, confidence and ability to face and overcome obstacles. We give a quantitative and qualitative benchmark for evaluating the improvements accrued from coaching and thus help organizations develop a process to track the benefits of coaching and reach their intended ROI.

Group Coaching

Group coaching, makes dysfunctional teams high performing and pulling in the same direction. The approach uses the principles of ‘skill and will’ to enable better performance. This is value-based coaching that delivers specific measurable business value and results which are baked into the coaching process. It is based on the principles of relationship capital and collaboration to achieve common organizational and team goals.

In Person Coaching

Individual one-on-one coaching is suited for any manager from the entry level to the CEO. Our framework is focussed on the individual needs of the client, where the coach is a thinking partner that helps the client navigate through their challenges and come up with solutions themselves through a process of deep refection and looking at the world from a different point of view.



Dana Lefeuvre : Paris

Dana is a leadership and executive coach delivering transformational coaching senior-level leaders. She has lived and worked in 6 countries including the U.S., France, Angola, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.


Marie : Singapore

Marie is a Certified Executive Coach who helps senior and emergent leaders navigate change and transitions and attain their potential. She has lived and worked in 4 countries including Congo, France, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Luciano Pezzotta : Malaysia

Luciano is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Asian operations of the ECSI, named as one of the 15 global leading firms in innovation management by Kennedy Research.


Masa Takeshita : Tokyo

Masa is Japanese and is based in Tokyo. He has an MBA from the Copenhagen business school and is an internationally experienced coach, trainer and consultant.

Harnessing your Physical Energy is a pre-cursor to harnessing your Emotional Energy

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"Al is a well-rounded leader with a knack for posing the right question at the right time. These powerful questions combined with his experience in C-level positions make him a strong leader. His high-level analysis and astute discernment shine through in every interaction and help to ensure peak team and individual performance".

Dana Belter-Lefeuvre, PCC Paris, Januaury 2017

"Al is gifted in terms of being a leadership coach and possesses strong people and business acumen skills. Working with Al was an opportunity to learn, to grow and to evolve as he is always very positive and has been a thinking partner who helped me explore and discover my hidden self. I found every single coaching session on which I worked with him to be very fruitful and inspiring.

It has helped me to grow exponentially and move forward and if given an opportunity to be coached again, he will be my first choice. He was not only my coach but also a friend who listened without any biases and was a role model"

May 2015

"Alagappan (Al) has provided 13 coaching sessions to me in my ICA journey. I have experienced significant changes in leadership style. He supported me not only to identify my core values and strengths but also to effectively utilize them in my life in order to get closer from where I am now to where I want to be, given the specific time frame and action plans identified and committed.

During the coaching sessions, he was always passionate, confident, accountable and mindful. Thus, I as a coachee was able to build trust in him easily and was always comfortable during the sessions."

May 2015