The Coaching Promise
“I will support and challenge you in equal measure with the aim of bringing your best self to every relationship, discussion and situation thereby enabling an optimal experience. I will also be equally responsive to your needs”
Your Thinking Partners

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After 30 odd years in the corporate world, I re-invented myself as coach in a leadership think tank organization. There are a number of reasons why I like my job as a coach:

  • The ability to help others have optimal experiences and get them in the ‘flow zone’ and achieve their true potential by providing third party objectivity.
  • I also love the way coaching changes lives and how ones energy can be harnessed through a process of deliberation and reflection.
  • The ensuing satisfaction of having made aa difference in someone’s journey is indeed deeply gratifying.
  • It provides me with the flexibility of managing my own time.
  • A great alternate to the rate race in the corporate world.
  • I love meeting new people and meeting and learning from some great ones.
  • Coaching now helps me fill that vacuum of wanting to be an entrepreneur for many years and I love the challenges it presents.
  • As the conversations with the clients become deep and more engaging, it provides space for myself to further explore those very same areas in my own life and thereby benefit in the process by helping others and having optimal experiences myself.
  • Coaching in a way is a catalyst for ‘paying it forward’ when I do pro-bono work when required.
  • The money isn’t bad either! As one gets on the wrong side of 50 , it more than helps to pay the bills and continue to provide the life style for the family.

Thomas Carlyle said “Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness”. Sigmund Freud amplified this somewhat by giving the simple advice when asked for his recipe for happiness – “Work and Love” he said. If one finds happiness and flow in their work and richness in their relations with other people, they are well on their way to having a happy and fulfilling life.