The Coaching Promise
“I will support and challenge you in equal measure with the aim of bringing your best self to every relationship, discussion and situation thereby enabling an optimal experience. I will also be equally responsive to your needs”
Your Thinking Partners


Group Coaching |In Person Coaching

In person coaching


Individual one-on-one coaching for any manager from the entry level to the CEO. Our framework ensures result oriented coaching in a trusted space focussed on the individual needs of the client. The coach is a thinking partner that helps the client navigate through their challenges and come up with solutions themselves through a process of deep refection and looking at the world through a different lens.

Although we have a coaching framework and model, our approach is very much driven by the client’s agenda. The objective is to be able to bring the client ‘in the zone’ and thereby bring their best self to every situation, relationship and discussion thereby providing and optimal experience.. The overarching intention is to help these emerging and senior leaders create a better future for themselves and for the teams they lead and for the organization as a whole.

Individual coaching can be either company sponsored or self-sponsored. The on-boarding process for each will be different.

These individual coaching programs can range from a minimum of 3 sessions to 12 to 15 sessions over a 3 to 6 month period or it can be customized based on the client’s specific requirements.

Coaching sessions can either face-to-face or over skype or video conferencing based on the client’s preference and location.

  • A series of coaching discussions starting with the motivation for being coached
  • Situational analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Values discovery
  • Exploring purpose
  • 360 degree assessment and in-person feedback
  • Fears and Regrets discussion
  • Strengths and blind spots
  • Energy exploration
  • Ongoing observations
  • Modular and flexible approach that is driven by the clients agenda
  • Bring personal value to the client and business value to the organization
  • Helps executives discover their own path and purpose
  • Fosters individual performance in a business context
  • Strengths based analysis
  • Identification of blind spots and helping with derailing behaviour
  • Personality profiling
  • 360 degree assessments
  • Specific development needs addressed
  • Behavioural change
  • Executives who want to use a confidential and an objective third party relationship to enhance their effectiveness as a leader
  • Executives who are preparing for a greater scope of responsibility
  • Executives who have been recently promoted and are now managing larger teams
  • Individual contributors who are great at what they do but are having relationship capital issues at work
  • Leaders who want to make their teams high performing
  • Situational leadership adaptation

Group Coaching

Group coaching, makes dysfunctional teams high performing and pulling in the same direction.