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Leading across generations - Overcoming main challenges


For the first time in history, four generations are working together. While employees from the older generations are delaying retirement, younger cohorts of Generation Y also called Millennials are also entering the workforce. Generations with different work attitudes, values and life experiences are large in numbers.

Increasing age diversity is associated with higher levels of age discrimination climate in companies, which lowered company performance as a result of lower affective commitment.

Yes you should focus on Millenials but not only. Organizations need to work on age biases and address ageism. Leading across generations is a 1-day program that challenges the popular stereotypes about generations and the ready to use formulas that work for all in the same generation.

Based on the last research on neuroscience, cultural models and personality traits assessments, this workshop redefines how young or senior leaders need to get awareness and act in the challenge of intergenerational workplace.


At the end of the program Leading across generations, managers will be able to:

  • Identify generation myths
  • Critically evaluate generation stereotypes at the workplace
  • Acknowledge their own flaws in challenging leadership situations
  • Identify and respecting individual differences in the context of diversity
  • Apply proven techniques to their own intergenerational challenges
  • Create an individual action plan with milestones for long lasting results

Research-based content on neuroscience, cultural models and personality traits assessments

Custom designed program which provides tools made to tackle real workplace challenges

Blend of coaching & training techniques to help participants develop self-awareness and focus on mindset and behaviors change.

Balance between content and practice through experiential learning.


Leading across generations - Overcoming main challenges is a 1-day program during which 3 major themes are covered:

Theme 1: Age, the new dimensions of employee diversity
How demographics and social trends are shaping the 21st century workforce?
What has changed at the workplace?

Theme 2: Benefits and challenges of age diversity
What are age biases and how to reduce them?
How age diversity helps teams to better perform?

Theme 3: Workplace challenges
We provide ready to use tools to help managers work on their own challenges related to age diversity.
Each manager establishes an individual action plan to follow when back to work.


Ana Goncalves

Ana Goncalves draws from 20 years professional experience as business leader, motivator and achiever in the international corporate world. She is ICF PCC credentialed coach, and a conflict resolution expert and facilitator. She is passionate about helping global leaders and teams develop their capacity and realize their visions while working ethically and inclusively. LinkedIn

Marie Lenail-Couteau

Marie Lenail-Couteau is a ACC Certified Executive Coach with 4 years experience in diversity coaching and 8 years as an HR in a MNC. She is committed to helping teams and individuals navigate change and transitions, develop strategic leadership, attain their potential, and perform at their best. LinkedIn

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